2018 Week 2 Power Rankings

Pretty busy with work this week, so the rankings are a little late, and a little less developed than I’d like, but without further ado..

Here are your quintessential commissioners power rankings.

1 – No Change – Jake & Elwood Blues – An impressive week 2, only solidifies their status, but it had to be even sweeter when it was the Chicago Defense that delivered the come from behind win.  The blues is playing all the right notes to start the season.

2 – Up 3 – congo.natty – Could this really be the year?  Is 2018 when it all finally comes together for Congo.natty?  Looks like it so far.

3 – Down 1 – Blind Squirrels – No doubt a satisfying H2H win against brother Jesus, but we still need to see more points.  Expect Hunt to go off in a revenge game against his former fantasy team in week 3.

4 – No Change – Z’Smashmouths – Probably not as good as they were in week 1, and definitely not as bad as they were in week 2.  One thing that never changes.. losing close matchups against the Mokes.

5 – Up 1 – Miki’s Mokes – 2-0 but last in points.  What else really needs to be said here?

6 – Down 3 – Niners R Metal – 0-2 but second in points.   What else really needs to be said here?  Well, I guess that they are bad at making lineup decisions.

7 – Up 1 – Big Lunch – With Ingram and Edelman waiting in the wings, this looks like a team with Championship upside.  Nice bounce back win after a sub 100 point showing in week 1 which stands as the only sub 100 point week by any team so far this year.

8 – Down 1 – Ronan Machine – A loss, but nothing to be ashamed of in week 2.  Michael Thomas should do his part all year, but the Machines need Fournette to get healthy and be a true #1 back to really have a chance.  Wilkins and Morris aren’t going to cut it.

9 – Up 2 – El Paso Roughnecks – Watching the Roughnecks so far reminds me a little of watching the Browns.  A franchise that has struggled, but is finally doing some things right and still finding themselves without a win.   Maybe this week you’ll find your Baker Mayfield.

10 – No Change – Sweet Baby Jesus – Going to take it easy on you this week.  You seem a little grumpy and frustrated with your fantasy sports lately and as commissioner it’s my job to make sure you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself.  Don’t worry, beat congo.natty this week and you’ll get out of the double digit rankings for sure.

11 – Up 1 – Just Win Maybe – New Joe, I guess you earned the right to have your real team name listed, but the fact remains you beat an 0-2 team.  Not that big of an accomplishment.  Up 1 spot.

12 – Down 3 – Kali Kine – As someone who took Brees in the 5th round, I can definitely relate to how bad it sucks watching the QB you wasted a 5th round pick on score less points than your bench QB and cost you a matchup.  Sorry Herb, the season is young, but 0-2 and second to last in points.  It speaks for itself.

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