Who’s the big winner? EKATERINA

I highly doubt any of you football nerds appreciate the finer points of serious-as-fuck internet spaceships, or betting with video game currencies, and I do apologize for wasting your time with gaming trivialities but I cannot help but share:

Our friend Nicholas refused to bet on AMERICA’S TEAM vs the Jets this evening unless I gave him 4 points which I did, and I promptly lost 50m isk ($0.77) as a result. He talked a lot, I said it sounded like he wanted to fight about it and he agreed.

Here is the result: he died like a man and we’re gonna fight again in 2 weeks. 

I’m curious: Would any of you care to bet on our next duel? The Shaniqua Oakland Fund will entertain bets in both serious-as fuck-internet-spaceships-currency and $ – Points given.