2018 Week 3 Power Rankings

Enjoying the football banter in the new Facebook chat.  Great idea Nico!  Only way it could be better is if we could get Pat and New Joe in.  You only need the messenger app guys, you don’t have to do the whole facebook thing.

Here are your quintessential commissioners power rankings for week 3.

1 – No Change – Jake & Elwood Blues – Another week, another win.  3-0, and one of only 3 teams over 400 points after 3 weeks.   Who needs a running game when you get all your WR choices right.

2 – No Change – congo.natty – Barely hanging on to the two spot, their week 3 win was a bit of good fortune.  Still, the emergence of Chris Godwin looks real, and helps answer some significant questions about their WR’s.

3 – No Change – Blind Squirrels – 142 points in week 3.  The Squirrels had been riding Gurley’s coattails a little early on, but now everyone’s starting to contribute.  Watch out.

4 – Up 7 – Just Win Baby – Ok OK, chill out man, you’re gonna start scaring people.  Jumping up a massive 7 spots, Just Win Maybe is starting to look more like Just Win Definitely.   Great performances on back to back weeks, don’t get cocky.

5 – Down 1 – Z’Smashmouths – A solid middle of the road kind of week, but faced the weeks top scorer.  No shame in the loss, but some inconsistent players seem to be playing inconsistently.  The Smashies really need David Johnson to start getting comfortable again and provide the safe comfortable floor for the running game.

6 – Up 1 – Big Lunch – Sometimes a solid week and a win is all you need to move up.  Week 3 was nothing astounding, but 2-1 is right about where we’d expect them.   Fuller & Henry for Wilson & Crowder.  Lunch’s moves look a little better when put together, but only time will tell if they truly improved, or just moved around some parts.

7 – Down 2 – Miki’s Mokes – The Mokes got their first loss.  2-1 is still a nice start, but it’s hard to keep them in the top 6 after an 89 point debacle on Sunday.  Still lots of talent on this team, there should be better days ahead.

8 – Down 2 – Niners R Metal – Hard to bounce back from an 0-3 start, especially when NRM hasn’t had a bad week yet.  Those bad weeks have to happen sometime, and when they do this ranking could plummet.  Second in points keeps them away from the basement, but they need to start realizing some of that potential pronto.

9 – Down 1 – Ronan Machine – Really just down 1 because some others moved up.  Week 3 was pretty ugly on the scoreboard, but a 50+ point Thursday from Jared Goff and the return of Leonard Fournette put them in a nice position going into the weekend.

10 – Up 2 – Kali Kine – Kali avoided a 0-3 start with a 150+ coming out party against the tough luck Roughnecks, and that’s while leaving a 50+ point day for Matt Ryan on the bench.  If the running game can contribute like this more regularly, this team should move into the top 6.

11 – Down 1 – El Paso Roughnecks – Top 6 in points, separated from the top 3 by only a couple points.  We said at the start of the year that the starting lineup was good, and so far it’s delivered.  A little luck, and the Roughneck’s could easily be 2-1, now they’re going to need it just to get out of this hole.

12 – Down 1 – Sweet Baby Jesus – They only needed a top 10 score to pickup a win in week 3, but finished 11th with 99.50 points.  This is a low point for SBJ but it doesn’t have to stay this way.  Week 4 should be interesting.  Arguably the two best WR core’s in the league square off when SBJ meets J&E.

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