2018 Week 7 Power Rankings

Despite missing a couple weeks, the Power Rankings are back, and just happen to coincide with an NRM win!  The two things are probably entirely unrelated.  The gap since week 3, does give us a nice view into how the landscape has changed, with some big movers in both directions.

Without further adieu.. here are your quintessential commissioners power rankings for week 7.

1 – UP 2 – Blind Squirrels – Doesn’t really get any easier than this ranking.  Six game winning streak, first in points, reigning champion, owner of Todd Gurley.  It’s his to lose.

2 – DOWN 1 – Jake & Elwood Blues – Continuing to put up big numbers, tied for the first best record, and a 2 game winning streak.  Another easy ranking. This is kinda boring so far.

3 – UP 7 – Kali Kine – A big mover over the last 4 weeks.   Kali’s gotten hot, is in the top 3 in points, and is generally looking like a team on the rise since benching his 5th round pick, and changing directions towards the veteran Matt Ryan.  It’s hard for us to understand how this team could start Jordan Reed over the two different starting RB options they had last week, but it didn’t cost them because there is really no justice in fantasy football.

4 – UP 3 – Miki’s Mokes – Ok, now things are getting interesting.  The Mokes in the 4 spot? This has to be favoritism! Nope.  Miki’s finally hitting her stride, with 4 consecutive weeks over 120 points, and the emergence of Kerryon Johnson.  If they can get a fully healthy Dalvin Cook back for the end of the year another championship could be within reach.

5 – UP 1 – Big Lunch – A solid 4-3 record, and the tastiest WR’s in the league keep Lunch easily within the top 5.  The point total is a little lackluster, but the results have generally been good, and they avoided a major setback with Sony Michel.  Big Lunch has the pieces to win it all, and just needs a few things to stabilize at the RB position.

6 – UP 2 – Niners R Metal – You have got to be kidding me?  Top 6 for a team that’s 2-5?  Yes, top 6 for a team that’s 2-5.  While second in points, NRM has faced a league high 1006.23 points against.  After a big win against Big Lunch, the metal maniacs have matchups against The Roughnecks, Ronan Machine, and Sweet Baby Jesus over the next 3 weeks.  Facing only one team with a winning record the rest of the year, there is a clear path to the playoffs, but the pressure is on.

7 – DOWN 5 – Congo.natty – Still 4-3 and firmly in the mix for a playoff spot, but congo.natty is undeniably in a freefall.  Losers of 3 straight, the only thing dropping off faster than their point totals is their RB’s. Foreman lost for the year, Gordon now dealing with a hamstring, and Kamara losing volume.  The Nats are going to need some good luck and some more waiver finds like John Brown to breathe life into their receiving core, if this team is going to stay in contention. A big matchup with the Moke’s awaits in week 8.

8 – DOWN 3 – Just Win Baby – It’s not uncommon for rookies to start strong, and then take a few steps back after the league adjusts.  Still well positioned at 3-4, JWB really needs an upset win against Kali Kine on a week where they are missing some key pieces to Bye’s.  Still a lot of solid producers on the team, but Gronk needs to be Gronk and become another consistent double digit point scorer in this offense if they are going to have any change of making the playoffs.

9 – UP 3 – Sweet Baby Jesus – We said it week 1, and it’s remained true.  This team is missing a running game. The receivers are excellent and can carry things to a point, but 120 point weeks aren’t enough to win consistently this year, and with a little less good fortune, Jesus could easily be sitting on 1 win.  3rd from last in points, and 9 of 12 in the power rankings.  Sounds about right.

10 – UP 1 – El Paso Roughnecks – Some of the numbers would tell you El Paso is a better team than SBJ.  Still, a head to head loss, coupled with the trade of Carlos Hyde to irrelevance, really leaves the Roughnecks in a bad position going into week 8 with no real running game and their best players on bye.  I don’t see a Bromo in this teams future, but their lack of viable bench depth is starting to play out as anticipated.

11 – DOWN 6 – Z’Smashmouths – After 2 more losses the best thing the Smashies have going for them right now is the fact Ronan Machine has lost 6 straight.  This is a Platinum franchise with a storied league history.  They don’t need us to tell them it’s a down year, and second to last in points tells the whole story.

12 – DOWN 3 – Ronan Machine – It’s probably too late for the Machines to get back in contention, but they’ve made some good moves of late, and the rise of Marlon Mack (if it lasts more than a week) and the trade of Amari Cooper at least given them reason for positivity.  This is a must win week in a winnable matchup against Sweet Baby Jesus with a chance to move out of the cellar.

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