2015 Week 3 Power Rankings

Things have stabilized too quickly.   Bye weeks are coming, weak depth will be revealed.  It’s time for a shake up.

  1.   Congo.natty – No Change –  H1 – L3 – Can’t move Big Lunch up, so long as the natty’s keep winning.   Joe certainly helped keep the streak alive, but 144 points is still a nice week.
  2.   Big Lunch – No Change – H1 – L6 –  Devonta Freeman for 3 TD’s?  Are you kidding me?  Everything is clicking right now.
  3. Jake & Elwood Blues – Up 1 – H3 – L9 – If Julio and Allen keep playing like this, the Blues may come away with more championships this year than the Bears get wins.
  4.   Kali Kine – Down 1 – H2 – L6 –  Losing Big Ben is a little easier to swallow when you still score 156 points and storm to 3-0.
  5.  Miki’s Mokes – No Change – H2 – L5 – That’s why you keep Aaron Rodgers when it seems to make no sense at all.   To deliver 47 points and a Monday night win that seemed improbable at best.
  6. Sweet Baby Jesus – Up 1 – H4 – L8 – Hard luck losers in week 3, this still seems like a team destined to finish in the top 6.  Build an ark, weather the storm.
  7. Z’Smashmouths – UP 1 – H2 – L8 – Thrilling victory Monday night!  Fortunate to be 2-1 at this stage, Smash nation knows they’re going to need to show more to make the playoffs.
  8.  NINERS R METAL – Down 2 – H6 – L12 – It was a week of brutal matchups.  Let’s see what week 4 and the arrival of Tyrod the Terrific brings.
  9.   Cangniner – No Change – H9 – L11 – One of the better teams in the league, with one of the poorest coaching staffs.  C’mon man!  You can love the Niners and still be good at fantasy football.   It’s allowed.
  10.   Blind Squirrels – No Change – H4 – L10 – This team might have been pretty good if it could get itself on the field to play a full game healthy. 
  11.  The Roughnecks- No Change – H9 – L11 – No Edleman… this might be the Roughnecks final week in the 11 spot.  Honestly, it feels a little like charity.
  12.   RonanMachine – No Change – H7 – L12 – I Still think this they’re better than 0-3.   Cobb, Bell, and Ryan are going to win the Machine’s some games.  Keep your core group together, keep trotting them out there, and good things will happen.

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