2015 Week 2 Power Rankings

8 out of the 12 teams are 1-1, with just 2 teams undefeated.  Are we all equally good now, or just equally bad?

  1.   Congo.natty – No Change –  H1 – L3 – With Abdullah coming back down to earth, the injuries to Brees and Lacy are a concern, but Cooper, Johnson and Gio have emerged.  Roller coaster week for the Natty’s, but they stay on top.
  2.   Big Lunch – Up 4 – H1 – L6 –  The reigning champ and points leader after 2 weeks.  Things seem deliciously on track for Big Lunch.  The Coleman injury should help plug the RB woes for now.
  3.   Kali Kine – Up 4 – H2 – L6 –  Our draft host remains undefeated, but with too many players only sporadically involved in their offense, it’s tough to go any higher than 3.
  4.   Jake & Elwood Blues – Down 1 – H3 – L9 – Another solid performance despite the loss.  16 targets for Crabtree?  That’s going to make for some tricky lineup decisions.
  5.   Miki’s Mokes – Down 3 – H2 – L5 – A brutal week, and a Monday night loss to rival Z’Smashmouths.   Maybe they could have dropped further?  The Evans no show, and the Baltimore debacle were the difference, but the usage of Charles Johnson in Minnesota is definitely concerning.
  6.  NINERS R METAL – UP 6 – H6 – L12 – Always humble, NRM requested we just let the numbers speak for themselves.  I don’t give a rats ass about their requests tho.  This was the best we’ve seen them in a long time.  A competitive NRM is good for ratings.
  7.   Sweet Baby Jesus – Down 3 – H4 – L8 – It’s hard to imagine this bad Luck will continue.  The Colts will be fine, and Jesus will ascend.   The team still looks solid on paper. 
  8.   Z’Smashmouths – No Change – H2 – L8 – A nice game for Marshall sealed win #1, but the future here is murky.  Some light performers in the starting lineup, and not a lot of playable options on the bench.  Hill should get his regular workload in week 3, but he better not fumble again…
  9.   Cangniner – Up 3 – H9 – L11 – Nice bounce back week for Cangniner, nice second half for Peyton Manning.  Also, I very much wish we lived in a world where Jarryd Hayne was a startable RB2.  I do love your optimism Joe.
  10.   Blind Squirrels – Down 2 – H4 – L10 – Bradford, Randle, Anderson and Jeffery are not players trending in the right direction.  Still time to bounce back, but it needs to start soon.  Will we see the debut of Carson Palmer?
  11.  The Roughnecks- Down 2 – H9 – L11 – Let’s stay positive here.  Julian Edleman has been the steal of the draft. 
  12.   RonanMachine – Down 2 – H7 – L12 – There’s enough weapons here for the Machines to be rationally optimistic.  The running game is actually pretty formidable now that Bell is back to anchor.  This shouldn’t be a long visit to the cellar. 

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