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Breaking! Bundchen out as NRM GM

After missing the playoffs for the first time in league history and finishing 11th overall, the only thing surprising about the Bundchen firing is that it took this long to announce.

Even more mysterious, owner Mark Kadubec alone was the only NRM representative at the draft, calling in picks himself with seemingly no other team representatives on site.  He made multiple telephone calls during the draft, but to whom is at this point still unknown.

At the post draft press conference, Kadubec confirmed Gisele’s firing.

“Niners R Metal has decided to part ways with  Gisele Bundchen.  We communicated this to Gisele about a week ago, but mutually agreed to wait until after the draft for the announcement.  Because of Gisele’s celebrity and Tom’s pending legal actions, no one wanted to take any focus away from the draft itself, and we appreciate her professionalism in this matter. ”

Kadubec went on to add, “Tom played his butt off for this team last year, and we wish him all the best.  Gisele looked excellent riding that horse on our profile pic, and that will no doubt be difficult to replace.  Looking forward, we have found our new GM, and they were instrumental in our 2015 draft.  This individual has asked that we wait until the start of the regular season to make the announcement, and while I understand that this is unusual, their  flare for the dramatic is something that we intend to wholeheartedly embrace.”